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Professional circuit board, aluminum board manufacturer

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 Shenzhen billion square circuit Co., Ltd. is a professional design , manufacturing and sales of single- , double-sided and multi-layer aluminum plate , FR4 PCB circuit boards , and special types of enterprises.

The company has a full set of circuit board production and testing equipment, the full implementation of ISO9001 system , the use of the main materials are passed UL certification, factory management in strict accordance with ISO and other system management and operation .

Our products are widely used in lighting ( eg street lighting , lawn lamp, fluorescent lamp , stage lighting , etc. ) , electronics, machinery , telecommunications, automotive and other industries with cooling demand . Mainly sold to domestic and overseas, Europe and other regions and countries. Companies with quality service, first-class technology base point , the use of advanced equipment and high quality raw materials , as well as professional and technical personnel , experienced administrators and stable and harmonious team of employees . Strictly ensure the quality of products to meet customer delivery , the production of a variety of aluminum plate, copper substrates, iron substrate, and a variety of metal substrates such as FR-4 circuit boards and other products , can be comparable with foreign advanced products .


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