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And actively explore ways to Beijing International LED Exhibition October Opening

date:2013-11-8  Hits:1785

 Eighth Beijing International LED products and applications will be held Oct. 16 exhibition at the China International Exhibition Center opened . The LED exhibition by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China International Trade Promotion Committee organized, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association and the CIEC Exhibition Co., Ltd. Beijing China and Hong Kong .
LED industry in the 21st century the most promising high-tech industry , is causing global lighting and display of the revolution. After years of market-oriented operation of the brand , with the strong support of the Beijing Municipal Government , with the power of a good international publicity resources and professional audience , " Photonics China LED Expo " has become the largest in North China , the national application of LED and light product of the most authoritative , most professional trading platform. In many local and overseas exhibitors and professional visitors establish a " meet international market demand , cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements show , leading the industry's future development," the brand image, fully embodies the LED, light and urban energy-efficient lighting technologies in this field huge market prospects and promote the application of innovative, value creating the best solution. 

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